Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pro Testimonial?

Pro Testimonial allows you to easily capture and edit video testimoials at a budget-friendly price.

Within minutes you can use our tools to create the following videos: 

  • Video Testimonials
  • Branded Videos
  • Video Emails
  • Case Study Videos

Best all of is you don’t need expensive equipment or video editing software. Simply record your video, select from a variety of background music options, and add a call to action. That’s it!

Once the video is processed you can post it on your website or share it to your favorite social media platforms.

How does the Video Testimonial Tool work?

  1. Let the customer know you will be sending over a request for a video testimonial via email.
  2. Go into your Pro Testimonial account and send your customer a request. Once they receive the email they simply click on the link and record their testimonial (which can be recorded from a smart phone, tablet or computer).
  3. After they record their video use the Pro Testimonial software to add in your logo, music and a call-to-action to the video.

No hassle. No expensive equipment. Best of all it only takes you minutes to capture and produce a video testimonial!

How long should a Testimonial Video be?

Video Testimonials can be up to 50 seconds. We’ve found this is long enough for customers to tell their story, while still being short enough to keep a viewers attention.

Is there a cost to cancel your account?

Nope! There is no fee or penalty to cancel your account. However, if you have any unused testimonial videos you will lose those once you cancel.

Why should I use Pro Testimonial?

While there are many video service providers out there they don’t combine easy-to-use software with budget-friendly pricing.

In addition, here are some other key differentiators:

  • Customization options. It’s easy to add your logo, music, and a call-to-action to each video.
  • No need to download an app. Customers simply click on the link in their email to start recording.
  • Time efficiency. Within minutes you can capture and create a fully finished, branded video. 

Who should use Pro Testimonial?

Every business can benefit from customer testimonial videos. However, many can’t afford the usual costs and time associated with creating them.

So, if you’ve always wanted to leverage the power of testimonial videos, but didn’t have the resources, you’re a perfect candidate for  the Pro Testimonial services.