How To Boost Sales With Video Testimonials

October 7, 2021

Johan Parra

If you're looking to convert visitors into customers, Johan is your man. Since the beginning of his career, Johan has focused and built successful campaigns that have driven incredible growth for businesses.

Did you know video marketing is one of the most powerful tools you can use for business growth and brand awareness? More than 78% of people report watching videos online every single week. But the type of videos your business chooses to release depends on your end goal. If you want to boost overall trust in your brand and products, a video testimonial service will give you the results you want.

What Are Video Testimonials and Why Do They Matter?

A customer testimonial is a powerful tool that can help minimize doubt and boost confidence in a product or service. A testimonial is powerful because it’s given by a customer who has already purchased and/or used the good or service in question. Because they have experience with it already, others are more likely to trust their feedback.

A testimonial is always positive, while a customer review could be either positive or negative. For the benefit of your business, you want to collect as many customer testimonials as possible. There are several different types of testimonials: audio, written, and video. Many companies prefer video testimonials over the other types because video testimonials offer a variety of unique benefits.  

Why Video Testimonials Are More Effective Than Written Testimonials

Video testimonials are generally more desirable than written testimonials because they feel more personal and genuine. Unfortunately, many customers prefer to leave written testimonials because they are much easier to create. That’s where a video testimonial service comes in handy.

When you hire a company to help you collect video testimonials, you don’t need to worry about trying to collect these types of testimonials yourself (which can be challenging to do). Here at Pro Testimonial, we have the expertise and the tools necessary to collect high-quality video testimonials that will garner great attention and confidence in your brand.

Here are a few reasons why video testimonials are so much better than written testimonials:

  • They are eye-catching and visually interesting
  • They tend to create more emotion in viewers than text alone
  • They allow people to share more information in a shorter period of time
  • They are generally perceived as more trustworthy than written testimonials

In addition to all these benefits, people tend to remember video content more easily than they remember written content. All these benefits help explain why many businesses rely heavily on video marketing as a way to boost internet traffic, improve brand awareness, earn customer confidence, and boost sales with video testimonials.

Tips for Collecting Video Testimonials From Customers

It can be hard to collect video testimonials from your customers because the process is generally perceived as cumbersome and inconvenient. But we make it easy! We capture and grade video testimonials to make sure only the most positive and convincing testimonials are used to influence potential shoppers.

We identify clients who are willing to provide video testimonials, then send them a link so they can easily record their testimonials within just 50 seconds. We then add music, your logo, and a call-to-action to the video and make sure it looks and sounds as professional as possible.

Once we’re finished with the video testimonial, we’ll send it to you so you can distribute it however you would like. Our clients frequently distribute video testimonials through their email mailing lists or post them on their websites and social media platforms.

Attributes of a Good Video Testimonial Service

A good video testimonial service simplifies the process of submitting testimonials so it’s very easy for your customers to do. We make sure our process is as easy as clicking a link and recording! We automate much of the process so that it always runs smoothly and automatically.

Our primary goal is to make sure your customers have no trouble submitting their video testimonials. We make the process fun and inviting to encourage people to participate. Our final videos are always very professional, engaging, and interesting to watch.

Take Advantage of Our Video Testimonial Services

Why wait when you can start experiencing the benefit of expert video testimonial services today? To learn how we capture customer testimonials in video format, or to request a quote, please contact us today. We look forward to providing you with effective and affordable video testimonial services that will boost sales with video testimonials.

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